NetNames’ Internet 2020 report examines what the Internet may look like in 2020, after the restructuring of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the introduction of thousands of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). In addition to NetNames’ own expertise in this field, the report is based upon the latest market data on domain name registrations, independent quantitative research carried out in May 2014 with 400 senior business managers and 6,000 consumers in Great Britain, the United States, France and Germany, as well as expert input from ICANN, industry leaders across the Internet ecosystem and our own corporate clients.

Whilst nobody can predict the future, the findings of Internet 2020 highlight the key trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on the Internet over the next six years, with a particular focus on three main areas:

1) The fragmentation of the Internet

2) The rise of .brand domain names

3) The impact of domain names that use non-Latin characters

Internet 2020 examines the impact of all three of these trends and also lists the 10 most important steps that businesses need to take in order to gain the greatest benefit from these changes over the months and years ahead.



  • Fragmentation
    of the Internet
  • The rise of
    .Brand domain names
  • Impact of
    non-Latin domains
About NetNames
NetNames new gTLD Services

About NetNames

NetNames provides companies with global reach on the Internet whilst protecting their brands from online fraud. As the global leader in this field, NetNames has been chosen by many of the world’s most successful brands to enable and protect their internet presence.

With online channels becoming increasingly important for a corporate’s commercial and marketing activities, NetNames offers a single point of contact for management of domain names, in all locations, globally, and protection for brands across all online environments. NetNames offers expertise, infrastructure and service levels that are hard for corporates to replicate internally and enjoys long term relationships with large and mid-sized corporates.

Headquartered in London, NetNames’ global network includes offices in Cambridge, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zurich, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Singapore.

NetNames new gTLD Services

The value of new gTLD services to brands:

The new gTLDs will effectively reset the internet and offer brands the opportunity to strengthen their online presence and lead the way in a new digital era. On the other hand, the fragmentation of the internet could expose your brand to the dangers of cybersquatters hijacking your brand, so a holistic domain strategy is essential to optimize benefits and minimize risks online.

- The availability of the new gTLDs will mean a need to redefine your online presence and secure new domain names that better reflect your business objectives, target markets and products.

- The introduction of gTLDs will create new opportunities for brand holders to target new markets, new customers and new revenue streams.

- A domain name is a valued asset as much as stock; property or intellectual property, and so the new gTLDs open up opportunities to increase the value of your business.

- Developing a domain name portfolio that both protects and adds value will become more costly for brand owners in the future.

NetNames gTLD Strategy Service NetNames helps brands develop an effective gTLD strategy to take advantage of the biggest opportunity the internet has ever presented, whilst at the same time, optimize existing domain name portfolios. Our comprehensive, integrated and fully tailored range of services places NetNames in a unique position to truly support brand gTLD strategies end-to-end.